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My musical career

When I turned 50 I was on sabbatical in London, England. One of our sons – an excellent pianist – was a final year student at Pimlico secondary school. We chose Pimlico because it had a highly-regarded music program. The … Continue reading

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Boxing Day Cooking: tribulations and triumph

The holidays are nearly over.  Xmas turkey was lovely, but I did not have any cooking responsibilities.  Later, however, for a belated Boxing Day meal, I did. Ambitiously I set out to do roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, Plum … Continue reading

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Soft boiled eggs

I know this will seem silly for some, but the point is this: I am 86 years old and recently discovered that I was not sure how to soft boil an egg. I thought it would be a kind gesture … Continue reading

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“Unelectable, dirty old man, interfaith, talking-book”

What do these words have in common? If you know, I am 99% certain you have been browsing the web as I did and discovered the year these words – and many others- were accepted into the Merriam-Webster dictionary. When … Continue reading

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Dad’s not-so-good, not-so-bad day

It started with a bad dream that kept me awake (bad). Later, I fell back asleep and slept till after 10 (good). When I came downstairs I found two old lottery tickets (good). Neither was a winner (bad). Lis texted … Continue reading

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Mystery partly solved

For those who share my frustration and bewilderment about where socks go, I have a partial solution. I asked our cleaning lady, Maria, to keep an eye peeled. She came up from the basement a while later, triumphant holding the … Continue reading

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A word use tip

When I was a journal editor I used to look out for instances when  ‘which’ was incorrectly used in place of ‘that’. In that instance, I knew the correct answer. (Reply if you need the rule explained). But, until today, … Continue reading

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