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A trip into the past

Where have all the years gone? I have been digging through 8 file cabinet drawers of old files, trying to discard as many as possible. It is a crazy job. Logically, I should have dumped them all in the garbage … Continue reading

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Recycling words

A long time ago in a place far, far away I was asked to give an after-dinner talk. Continue reading

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An old, enduring miracle

No, dear reader, this is not about covid — although in some respects you could argue it could be. As my final blog for 2020 — a year when most of us will have reflected on medical matters more than … Continue reading

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A lucky number?

I turned 88 last month. I almost wrote that I ‘celebrated’ that birthday, but then wondered if that was the right word. Clearly I was happy to have survived to that age. Indeed, I am still puttering along. For my … Continue reading

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Some marbles remain

Some while ago — BC (before Covid) — we spent most of our summers in the Adirondacks at our beloved Nest.  Our sons built this ‘chalet’ over 25 years ago, with the help of many others. For all of that … Continue reading

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On daily swims

Today is September 2.  In less than a week our local outdoor pool will shut down for the season. A day later, the indoor pool at the YMCA opens. How lucky for me. A while ago I wrote a blog entitled … Continue reading

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Happy coincidences: Discovering Yates

I assume that by now most readers of this blog will have concluded that I am passionate about reading. I recently discovered an author I had never heard of.  The discovery came about as the result of several happy coincidences. … Continue reading

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The French have donc and alors; others have “like”; but the rest of the world — especially Americans, it seems — is determined to begin every spoken sentence with ‘’so.” The word is ubiquitous. It drives me mad. We even hear it spoken by … Continue reading

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Bah bah blog – an update

An update on my blogging past ‘achievements’ and future plans Continue reading

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Don’t put off saying it

Had he lived, my dad would have been 117 years old today. He died on June 22, 1997 at age 94. I considered writing something about his life, but realized that would be too personal for a blog. Instead, after … Continue reading

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