First blog of 2020

It is said that brevity is the soul of wit. This blog is brief but perhaps not as witty as I would like. It is my new year’s gift to those readers (both of you) who find my blogs too long.

I have one folder on my iMac called “My Documents” and another called “Old Docs”.  The former is for stuff I am doing now. The other is for things I have completed but can’t bear to part with. Recently I found a new app that did all kinds of wonderful tricks with folders.  On My Docs’ it worked perfectly. But, on the other folder it utterly failed.

Moral: You can’t teach old docs new tricks.

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2 Responses to First blog of 2020

  1. Number one fan says:

    This is very funny but it made me sad that you think only 2 people would be read your blogs. If it’s true – which I don’t believe it is – others are missing out! You should send an email out to all your friends and family and remind them out your blog!!

  2. patricia kirby says:

    I bet that posting more chuckles will double your readership, whatever it is. Anyway, just because only a couple of people comment doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have more readers.

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