Dad’s not-so-good, not-so-bad day

It started with a bad dream that kept me awake (bad). Later, I fell back asleep and slept till after 10 (good). When I came downstairs I found two old lottery tickets (good). Neither was a winner (bad). Lis texted to ask if I had spare Chanukah candles to give her. I said yes, having bought extras the day before. (good) Then I discovered the extras were for shabbat. (bad). When I left the house I found that neighbours put out a pile of ‘junk’ that included a new, partly filled propane tank. I took it. (good). Then I started to worry it may be faulty (bad). After delivering the candles to Lis, I went to buy more at IGA. Found parking (good). Had to pay (bad). The IGA’s idea of Chanukah candles was birthday candles (bad). But they did have spinach (good). Went to Bureau en Gros to buy an adapter so I could play my iPhone through car speakers. Manager helped. (good). Unsuccessful, he advised I buy a new car (bad). Went to lighting store to get replacement bulbs that they had. (good). Very expensive! (bad) Then to Metro where I found the candles (good). Bought more than I need (bad). Stopped at library to get book CDs to play in car. Found two by a favourite author (good). They are MP3 which don’t play in car. (bad). Two grandchildren play hockey tonight (good). At different Arenas (bad).

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1 Response to Dad’s not-so-good, not-so-bad day

  1. Tamara Pless-Amonte says:

    Even thought i had already heard most of this post earlier – the part that actually made me laugh out loud was the last part about the grandkids playing hockey. At different arenas… LOL!!

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