Your time is valuable


I began cooking and baking some while ago. I am gradually becoming ‘successful’ though I’m not sure what the criteria for cooking success are. Nevertheless, one of the few products that usually seems to garner praise is my honey cake. It requires sliced almonds. Yesterday, I was making granola (far less praiseworthy) but can also include almonds. I then noticed that my supply s had run out. When I went to buy more I discovered that sliced ones were far more expensive than whole ones.  So I decided to try to slice two bags of whole almonds in my pantry.  However, I quickly discovered that whole almonds are not easily sliced. The web suggested that after a bit of soaking or boiling, the skins come off and slicing becomes easy. Yesterday I spent well over two hours slicing the contents of two large packages. My ‘kids’ would say that my time is worth far more than the difference in the price. But is it? I know I have more “free time“ on my hands so I can write and listen to music, go to the library, and do some shopping. But, unlike Gerald Ford (in LBJ’s opinion), I can walk and chew gum at the same time. In fact, I can do more than two things at once. So I see no reason to avoid saving a bit of money, even if it makes others think I am being miserly. Moreover, my time is no longer as valuable as it once was. Or is it?

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