To cheat or not finish?

Recently, to fill in the huge blanks in my life, I have started to do crossword puzzles. I was always intimidated by them and fearful of even starting. Ann was a whiz and used to do one every morning on the. train on her way to work. When I chose to follow suit, partly in hopes it would keep my mind a bit sharper, I did not think about failing but I chose the Guardian Quick Crossword that seemed much less daunting that the Cryptic Crossword on the same page. I am pleased to report that I got better and better but often had trouble with one or two critical clues. And, because these were old copies of the Guardian that I had kept because there was always much to read or re-read, I rarely could find the issue with the solutions. So, (confession follows), I chose to cheat rather than leave the puzzle unfinished. I did so with the help of – you guessed it – the web where I chose ‘’. Ahhh… sigh of relief to be told that ‘Painted ladies, for example’, 11 down’, might be ‘butterflies’. I would never have thought of that! PS.. so far, the one below has not required any cheating.


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