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“Unelectable, dirty old man, interfaith, talking-book”. What do these words have in common? If you know, I am 99% certain you have been browsing the web as I just have. If you did you would have discovered the year these words – and many others- were accepted into the Merriam-Webster dictionary. I chose 1932 because it was my birth-year. Just go to their website and put in a year of your choosing and it will return a list, which, for my chosen year was much longer. I selected these because they had special meaning for me. All my friends can guess who I hope will soon become ‘unelectable’; some think I am a ‘dirty old man’ because I refuse to shower every day; ‘interfaith’ is what made our wonderful marriage possible; and ‘talking-book’ (now called audiobook) is what I listen to every night before falling asleep. So, there you have it: more than you need to know about me or Merriam-Webster’s great idea nonetheless. (Now, if only I could remember that nonetheless is one word, not three, I would be truly happy. That is partly so because I just lost a bet to my bright 15 year-old grandson when I said it was three!)

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