October offering


Ann’s burial site, Mt. Royal Cemetery

It is now nearly the end of October and there are a number of important events to note. The saddest and most important was that on October 1 my children and I buried my wife Ann’s ashes at Mount Royal Cemetery. It was a lovely sunny day that she would have loved but like so many things this tends to make death sadder. Father Mac consecrated the ground. We stood by, thought, remembered and wept. As shown above we chose a lovely place. There is a tree behind the grave that has three trunks that we thought was symbolic of Ann’s greatest accomplishment, our three children.  It is simply impossible to do justice to the feelings I have now, had then, and before the burial.  I am sure the same is true for the children. Death is a milestone in life. The burial may take us some way to lessening our grief but I’m not sure. Each day something triggers a hollowness in my gut and some days I behave and think as if she will be coming back. What remains of this process is to have the stone engraved but that will take some while.

On a somewhat happier note, I have just returned from a trip to London, Ontario where I attended our Medical School’s class 60th reunion. I expected about 8 classmates to be there and was thrilled that 18 showed up. Some were ill; some had aged greatly; and others surprisingly little. There were many widows. I think we all thought this would be the last reunion for most, if not all, of us given that we are all in our eighties.  Ours was a special class, with far more good spirit and camaraderie than most. I have hundreds of good memories. It was a time of discovery, fun, excitement, reward, and a long string of other positive adjectives. I have a number of photos to mark the occasion but chose this one of Hugh Edgar. He was one of the two people I was most anxious to see. He and I were good friends and shared quarters on three occasions from second to fourth year. He was and still is kind, bright, talented, and simply, a mensch who I love and admire. He is not well but sharp as ever.  The other person I was happy to be able to spend some time with was Tom Klein who was another of my closest friends throughout medical school. Tom still works, plays piano, tennis, and squash. Hugh’s wife died about a year ago; Tom’s had had a long illness and is basically bed ridden. I admire them both for the care they gave their wives and I hope the same can be said of me.


Hugh Edgar – friend and classmate





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