A September Offering

My old boss, a former editor of the BMJ, Richard Smith, writes a long, beautifully written, always interesting blog two and sometimes three times each week. They are so good that I am intimidated. I know I cannot possibly do as well. But, at least, I can fulfil my pledge  to keep something in the works on a reasonably regular basis.

It is now almost a month since my last posting, hence this is an update. For those who have been following, yesterday marked 3 months since my wife, Ann, died. The children and I are still grieving but the pain is somewhat less. I am trying to move along. To do so I have started playing my clarinet again and spending a bit of time each day on the piano. Both are therapeutic even though my playing has greatly slipped; it did not have far to go. That said, it is comforting to realize how much better a good reed can make the clarinet sound!

I am also trying to keep up old friendships and may be succeeding, albeit mostly by email. I did, however, actually ‘write’ a thank-you note recently, put a postage stamp on it, and dropped it into a nearby post box. Then I wondered how much longer these old devices (the post box) would stay around. My most important feat has been some cooking triumphs. For the New Year I made 6 honey cakes and then I went on to prepare my third Terrazini dish. IMG_0027IMG_5257

I have a new iphone (don’t ask why I chose to do so; I cannot give a sensible answer).  I am resolving to join the Y to swim a few times a week and may even find a trainer to help keep my muscles functioning. And I have a pile of books on my reading list as well as many negatives to scan.

All that should keep me out of mischief until my next entry, which I hope will appear before I travel to London (Ontario) for my 60th class reunion.

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