Late July Chatchkes

Channukah toothpaste

 On Channukah the oil in the temple was only supposed to last one day but it lasted for 8 days.  I have a toothpaste tube that is should have been empty a month ago. But every time I squeeze again I still get enough to do my teeth. Another miracle.

Saranwrap like toothpaste

I had a large roll of wrap that had lost its box and cutter. About 4 months ago I thought it was nearly at its end but, being cheap,  I didn’t  want to throw it out even though the absence of a cutter meant that I had to use scissors whenever I needed a piece. This was a nuisance. It is still not finished. Another Channukah miracle?

Shaving cream too

 When my brother-in-law, a clean-shaven priest, first came to visit us in Montreal about 15 years ago, he bought a can of shaving cream. He used it regularly during his annual two-week visits and I used it whenever I shaved properly. But, as I have a beard, that was not often. Like the toothpaste and saran wrap, it still emits enough foam to do its job.


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