June 2018 chatchkes

My body

 For an old man I think I have a pretty good body.  I do have a larger belly than I would like, but more importantly, I have a small bum. That is good except when it is very cold outdoors. Yesterday I was walking home from the grocery story with a bag in each hand, when, as is often the case, my pants started slipping down over my non-existent bum. What to do? Take off gloves and freeze or continue walking with pants over my ankles? Some life challenges are huge.


 i know. I know. I know. Everyone has this problem. But no one – so far as I know – has discovered the answer. Where have all those odd socks gone? I can sort of understand how single socks can get lost, but what I want to know is where do they go?????

Bad Days

 Some days just don’t work as well as others.  I often decide on the weekend that I need a haircut, but the barber is closed on Mondays and the rest of the week becomes too busy. Also, it seems if I have a dental problem it is on a Thursday. But our dentist doesn’t work on Fridays, or the weekend, of course.

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1 Response to June 2018 chatchkes

  1. michael burman md says:

    miss you too Barry ..bises to Ann and all the family..Michael and Dany

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