More chatchkes


As Ann’s health has faltered, I have begun to cook more often. I discovered that I enjoy it and occasionally I am actually quite good at it. I have done some good baking (honey cake, banana bread) and some lamb, both leg of and lamb curry. I did latkes for channukah this year and apart from the fact that half the eaters became ill (including me), they were a great success.


It’s easy to forget, but Alexander has had a remarkable variety of jobs. They range from teaching riding (horses) in Banff to amazing carpentry to building fences, decks and a house! But the horseback riding? I say! Charles did tree planting and was a dishwasher in Banff. But his most painful job was delivering newspapers, or maybe it was working for me. Tamara worked as a nanny and baby sitter, and at the counter of a baker/grocery store and managed a video store.

Expensive objects paradox

When I was younger I gradually accumulated a complete set of Mt Blanc (very expensive) pens and pencils. Then I lost the pen on a train but managed to get back on and found it under the seats. Since then I have avoided using expensive objects, like these pens and, more recently, my hearing aid. There is a lesson here.

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