2018: a new start

I am going to post some chatchkes  on this site. The posting itself explains what these Jewish haikus are. I hope you find some amusing. I will only do three at a time in case the feedback is that they are all silly or boring.

Chatchkes: The Meaning

The title of this collection is the Yiddish expression ‘chatchkes’ which simply means ‘silly little things’ or, as Wikipedia says, “is a small bauble or miscellaneous item”. In this case my little (short, I hope) offerings are intended to be amusing or otherwise. They are fragments of thoughts I have mulled about from time to time over the last 85 years. I hope you enjoy reading them. I enjoyed resurrecting and writing them.

 Christmas tree

I don’t like Christmas trees at the best of times. As well, over  the last few years the prices have soared so I have bought smaller and smaller ones. This year I saw a tall tree for $24 so I bought it. But as that was mid-November I put it out back in a pail with water,  checked the water level regularly and topped it up as needed. As Xmas approached  it was time to bring it indoors. The weather had been brutal and the water was a block of ice! It took three days in the front hall to defrost. Lesson learned?

 Rochester to Montreal

 When we moved here from Rochester, McGill agreed to pay all the shipping costs. We decided to add several bags of flour for making bread and a pile of firewood to the shipment. Not wanting to appear too greedy, we transported our fish in their aquarium in our trailer. Predictably, the bumpy trip spilled most of the water, and with it, many of the fish. False economy?

Having a beard

The month before we graduated Hugh Edgar and I worked at a summer camp and we both grew beards. We agreed we would show up at our Meds graduation ceremony with them, but when we arrived I still had mine but Hugh had shaved his. The Dean commented on some graduates who had lost hair over the four years and others who had grow some in unusual places. That was me ,of course. Earlier, a chemistry teacher advised that mine needed ‘extract of bulls testes’. Years later after my first year of residency I did not receive a letter from the chief advising oh my appointment to senior resident. I asked the chief resident, Charles  Scriver for advice. He suggested I shave my beard. A few days later the letter arrived.  Coincidence?

A note: One thing Jews love is a good argument. Depending on where they come from, there are often different words for the same thing. That alone can provoke debate. In this case, we have a choice of two spellings: tchotchkes or chachkes. I chose the latter. Please don’t ask why.

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  1. Eli says:

    Great blob grampa

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